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Taughtjohnuh --> Here at Dunder Mifflin..

..we're really screwed up.

the one from underground.
12 December 1990
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  • xxsonicblue

it's who i am. in a nutshell, that is.

"sometimes, without noticing, we leave behind parts of ourselves.. something that someone else can pick up and admire the beauty of" -moshimishi. I ♥ that quote.

as prospect once said..

i'm so hardcore.

let me introduce myself: my name is tatjana.
that's lady miss sonic to you.
http://needsmoarinternetz.wordpress.com/ do it.
bbm me at any time. [24806939].
i reside in the beautiful santa barbara, california.
i work at hollywood video h-dub.
i like to blow UP and get down at the rickshaw stop in san francisco.
i play left 4 dead all the fucking time.
steam ID: ladymisssonic
steam name: (OBK) Lady Miss Sonic
Proud member of OBK (formally A-Team) since 2006.
i absolutely HATE shitty photographers who think they know what they're doing and know absolutely fucking nothing.
urban exploring is the name, infiltrating shit is my game.
take me out to sushi. it's my favorite.
i don't give a SHIT about your older brother, because mine is BETTER.
steve aoki && jimni cricket are my music gods.
i'm such an insomniac that sleeping pills don't help anymore.
i smoke cigarettes [nat shermans && marlboro 27s.]
i own a macbook pro [and run windows vista ultimate on it. sssh.]
no matter what everyone says, amber is my panda bear. ♥
jeremy koennel throws the BEST fucking parties.
kate moss is the god of me.
trash nasty & i will FUCK you up.
you might know me as siyra of diabolos.
i'm a photographer. ask me nicely and i might take your picture.
biotechnology is my major. watch me save the world.
i want to be the real life emily prentiss.
sarah morrison inspires me.
when i party, i party fuckin' hard.


I LOVE THE OFFICE. I think in terms of that show, I swear.

Silent Hill is my life. Really.

Credit to paramonium for the "Silent Hill," mood theme.

Ashley/Mecilia is musical-actor-stalking love.

Taughtjohnuh and Eminem are super gangster love.

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I'm Sailor Mars at sm_rating!

Minimum days are pointless.

I look fat, but whatev.

Alan is quite the dare devil.

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